About us

Since 2001, Martin Gagné Inc Landscaping Services has established itself in the field of landscaping maintenance and snow removal on the South Shore.

Our history

Since then, the company has taken certain turns, and we now specialize in snow removal for both residential and commercial properties, as well as landscaping maintenance for large commercial and municipal areas.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers receives professional, reliable, and courteous service at the best cost in the market.

Refundable Tax Credit for Individuals Aged 70 and Older!

Tax credit

You want to continue living in your house for a long time. You love your neighborhood and have developed friendships with your neighbors. However, you are no longer able to do certain maintenance tasks that you used to handle yourself?

Did you know that a refundable tax credit exists for individuals aged 70 and older and can help you offset a portion of the cost of these tasks that you are no longer able to perform?

Please note that snow removal services and several landscaping maintenance services are eligible for this tax credit.

For more information on the tax credit for home support of an elderly person and the services that could qualify you for this credit.